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A Lean Hungry Look Analysis - 1690 Words

â€Å"That Lean and Hungry Look† – Suzanne Britt Jordan Julius Caesar stated â€Å"Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look, he thinks too much; such men are dangerous.† Cassius’ â€Å"lean and hungry look† unsettled Julius Caesar, who preferred the company of fat, contented men whom he believed were more trustworthy and appreciative. When we think of heavier people, we think that they are nice because they have nothing to be mean about and typical thin people will be stuck up and rude to the heavier person because they do not see that heavier person for who he really is. This is a stereotype; heavier people are not necessarily jolly, and thin people are not necessarily mean or stuck up. Stereotypical attributes have had a negative effect on society,†¦show more content†¦They believe in â€Å"goofing off† because the day is too long in their opinion. Jordan also compares the mental attributes of heavy and thin when she talks about happ iness; in â€Å"That Lean and Hungry Look†, the thin person portrays a bothersome trait, believing logic and 2,000-point plans lead to happiness, while the fat person is already aware that happiness is indefinable. Jordan uses these kinds of comparisons and contrast between fat and thin in the article to demonstrate the advantages of being fat that are not seen by most people, for they are under the impression that fat is always unattractive or unhappy. Thirdly, Jordan article is filled with connotations. This successfully confirms Jordan’s argument that being fat is â€Å"better† than being thin. Jordan’s connotations become obvious with her use of the word â€Å"fat.† She made the word sound acceptable, usually–no, quite always–the word fat has had a negative connotation, but she was able to use it and make it feel positive and, even a little bit, righteous. When Jordan says things like, â€Å"Fat people have room. Fat people will take you in† it makes the audience root for the fat person rather than the thin person, because the fat person seems more approachable, which supports Jordan’s main argument. Another effective connotation used by Jordan would have to be her use of the word â€Å"thin.† In this article,Show MoreRelatedEndurance Athletes : Athletes And Athletes1745 Words   |  7 PagesCollege of Sports Medicine position stand recommend appropriate selection of foods and fluids, timing of intake, and supplement choices for optimal health and exercise performance. This position stands couples a rigorous, systematic, evidence-based analysis of nutrition and performance-specific literature with current scientific data related to energy needs, assessment of body composition, strategies for weight change, nutrient and fluid needs, special nutrient needs during training and competitionRead MoreAnalysis of Caius Cassius Character1418 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysis of Caius Cassius Charac ter Caius Cassius plays one of the most important roles in William Shakespeare’s play, â€Å"Julius Caesar†, which is centred round the assassination of the Roman dictator. The driving force behind the conspiracy is Cassius though there are others who are unhappy with the state of affairs under the prevailing system. Yet, they do not take an active part in the design to get rid of powerful Caesar. So, it is not incorrect to state that the chief protagonist of the assassinationRead MoreCharacter Analysis of Julius Caesar1421 Words   |  6 PagesJulius Caesar Character Analysis Cassius Strengths and Weaknesses Cassius was one of the conspirators against Cesar and proves to be a powerful character in Shakespeares, Julius Caesar. He has much strength and very few weaknesses and this helped him achieve small goals that led to his main goal of killing Caesar. One of Cassius strengths is his ability to influence people using flattery and pressure. In Act 1, Scene 2, Cassius demonstrates this strength by influencing Brutus to think moreRead More Julius Caesar as a Tragic HEro Essay1485 Words   |  6 Pagesnot enough time enjoying life and the arts. He warns Marc Antony that they should watch out for Cassius. â€Å"Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much; such men are dangerous †¦ Such men as he be never at hearts ease/ Whiles they behold a greater than themselves. And therefore are they very dangerous.† (I.ii.205-212) Although Caesar is correct in his analysis of Caesar, he chooses not to use that to his advantage; he just pointed out to Marc Antony facts that c ould have saved his lifeRead MoreMacroenvironmental Factors Affecting Automobile Industry - Presentation Transcript1673 Words   |  7 PagesCustomers Cultural Factors Competitors Political Legal Technology 8. THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT There is a need to identify the uncontrollable key factors that will impact on the organizationapos;s operations. The best known method is the SLEPT analysis. 8 Economic environment Political environment The organisation Social environment Technological environment Legal environment 9. (B) MACRO-ENVIRONMENT Natural Forces Technological Forces Economic Forces Political Forces DemographicRead MoreCase Study of Xiaomi4934 Words   |  20 Pagesits further success. The methods used in the report include external analysis (customer analysis, competitor analysis, market analysis and environmental analysis), internal analysis (performance analysis and determinants of strategic options) and analysis of strategic outputs. In addition, a survey which can be found in Appendix part was conducted in a focus group to help on the analysis. The results from the analysis tell that Xiaomi has attracted a large number of very loyal customers byRead Morecase study of XiaoMi4678 Words   |  19 Pagesfor its further success. The methods used in the report include external analysis (customer analysis, competitor analysis, market analysis and environmental analysis), internal analysis (performance analysis and determinants of strategic options) and analysis of strategic outputs. In addition, a survey which can be found in Appendix part was conducted in a focus group to help on the analysis. The results from the analysis tell that Xiaomi has attracted a large number of very loyal customers by veryRead MoreCorn Ethanol : Good Or Bad?2129 Words   |  9 Pagesargument many Americans just need to become educated about this topic. The main goal of the paper is to look at a couple subjects of interest which are how ethanol got started, how corn-ethanol can produce byproducts, how corn-ethanol is a better fuel source than petroleum, and that ethanol is better for the environment. Energy Source Corn-ethanol is a widely debated topic in this energy hungry country. To better understand this crop to fuel concoction, a person must understand why it is even beingRead MoreMaterial Protected Under International And Federal Copyright Laws And Treaties8891 Words   |  36 Pagesexamples of a balanced eating pattern are the USDA Food Guide at and the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH Diet). Both eating patterns emphasize fruits, vegetables and whole grains, as well as low or no-fat dairy products, and lean animal proteins. Fish is recommended at least two times per week, beans, nuts and seeds are encouraged, and unsaturated fats are always the fats of choice - like olive oil. What about Calories? Your balanced diet must be planned at your own calorieRead MoreFailure Analysis Change Strategy2108 Words   |  9 Pagesï » ¿ Failure Analysis/Change Strategy University of Phoenix: LDR/531 June 29, 2014 Failure Analysis/Change Strategy Team â€Å"A† reveals the circumstances regarding the failure analysis of an hotelier and how a CEO leads an organizational change processes to prevent an impending failure of the company. To counterbalance the hotelier business failure analysis, the team discusses the success analysis of Apple Inc. The team identifies each

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Taylorism and Scientific Management - 1910 Words

For centuries, scholars, philosophers, and lay-persons alike have been concerned about the issue of management. This includes management of processes, people, things, events, and societies all with the focus of the basic motivations that drive individuals to become most productive. Of course, outside of Maslows Hierarchy, we know that compensation has historical been a great motivator, but in the modern age, there are more complex motivators that focus more on individual actualization. As long ago as Ancient Greece, philosopher Aristotle, in his Metaphysics, developed the thesis that reality is knowable through the senses and through reason. By rejecting mysticism, Aristotle became the father of the scientific method and established the intellectual foundation for the Renaissance and the Age of Reason. Eventually this spirit of scientific inquiry would form a basis for scientific management (Wren, 2005, p. 19) Particularly after feudalism evolved into modern capitalism, a number of social theories came about trying to explain the individuals place in society, how work actualized humanity, and in what manner integration and alienation contributed to societal growth. These paradigms combine reflexively into a notion of history through labor and economic theory. The nature of the Industrial Revolution changed the manner in which labor interacted with management and raw materials. A number of people began to think about labor, about efficiency, and about the manner in whichShow MoreRelatedA Scientific Management, Taylorism, And Management1405 Words   |  6 Pages F.W Taylor introduced a scientific management, Taylorism, in the early 20th century to solve the problem of inefficiency. The aim of Taylorism is to maixmise productivity and minimise waste of resources using specialisation of labour. There are three main components of Taylorism and it will be discussed in detail in the later parag raphs. Firstly, according to Rose, M. (1978), Taylor believes that the root of inefficiency is the slacking and soldiering of workers. And irrational and incompetentRead MoreTaylorism Is A Scientific Management System1480 Words   |  6 PagesTaylorism is a scientific management system that was developed by Fredrick Taylor in the 1880s. Taylorism works in a method based on F. Taylor’s scientific study of accomplishing different tasks instead of empirical methods or methods inspired by past experience and knowledge. Taylorism also tends to scientifically train and help develop employees’ skills instead of letting them train themselves during their time in the workplace. Another principle of Taylorism is that it gives comprehensive andRead MoreThe Advantages Of Taylorism ( Scientific Management )1747 Words   |  7 Pagesand disadvantages of Taylorism (Scientific Management) In the late 19th century, Frederick Winslow Taylor, a mechanical engineer, created the theory of scientific management (or Taylorism). Scientific management intends to achieve efficiency by increasing worker productivity, predictability by standardising and dividing up tasks and control by creating a hierarchical working environment (Huczynski Buchanan, 2013). This essay will argue that the only real advantage of Taylorism is that it has beenRead MoreScientific Management, Or Taylorism, Is A Theory Of Management1929 Words   |  8 PagesScientific Management, or Taylorism, is a theory of management by F. W. Taylor that analysed how the highest economic efficiency, especially labour productivity, can be achieved, hence the greatest prosperity for both employers and employees. The four principles that he brought forward are the replacement of the ‘rule of thumb’ work method with a scientific way to study work, matching and training the most suitable person to do each par ticular job scientifically instead of leaving the workers toRead MoreScientific Management - Taylorism Essay990 Words   |  4 Pages‘Scientific Management’ is a managerial development theory that was proposed by Frederick Winslow Taylor in the 1880s. It was designed to apply scientific methods to the management of work organisations in order to improve economic efficiency and labour productivity. This theory is also well known as ‘Taylorism’ and has had a significant impact in the history of organisational management. Scientific management has had many benefits in the work organisation such as the division between workers andRead MoreTaylorism or Scientific Management Principles at Ford Motors Company1835 Words   |  8 Pageswith the role of Taylorism or scientific management in a specific organization. The primary focus will be to critically discuss how the various methods of scientific management are applicable to the chosen organization, which in thi s case will be Ford Motors. The essay will describe F.W. Taylors early work life and techniques of scientific management and its success. It will then go on to discuss the production methods at Ford Motors prior and post the application of the management principles alongRead MoreTaylorism, Scientific Management, Is a Theory of Management Methodology That Emphasizes on Maximising Work Efficiency.2200 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction Taylorism, additionally known as Scientific Management, is a theory of management methodology that emphasizes on maximising work efficiency. Developed and named after an American industrial engineer, Frederick Winslow Taylor. Through thorough use of a stopwatch and a clipboard, Taylor put all his research and outcomes into a book called the Principles of Scientific Management, which was later published in 1911. In the monograph Taylor’s notion was to mend the economical proficiencyRead MoreHuman Relations Theories : Scientific Management And Taylorism And Human Relation Theories2542 Words   |  11 Pages Introduction The never-ending discussion about the superiority of one out of two different managerial approaches – Scientific Management and Taylorism and Human Relation Theories - took its place since the beginning of 20th century. One of the most well-known Human Relations Theories is on employee empowerment. However, pinning down an actual definition on term of empowerment due to its wide scope is highly problematic (Woodside, Martin; 2007). Some authors view it as giving authority and decision-makingRead MoreDespite Many Criticisms, and a Wealth of Newer Theories on the Topic of Managing People, Taylorism (I.E. Scientific Management) Is Alive and Well in the 21st Century.2422 Words   |  10 Pagesof newer theories on the topic of managing people, Taylorism (i.e. Scientific Management) is alive and well in the 21st century. The purpose of this essay is to show that Taylorism (Scientific Management) is still alive and well in the world today despite the many criticism and newer theories of management. The essay will be structured into four main headings. In the first section we will be looking and the definition if Taylorism and how Taylorism is implemented in the 21st century. In the secondRead MoreScientific Management in France and China1709 Words   |  7 PagesScientific management How was Taylorism received outside the USA? Contrast the reception of Taylorism in two different countries, one Western, one Asian, in your answer. Introduction Frederick W. Taylor with a group of followers who rallied alongside with him examines management in the late ninetieth and early twentieth century. Scientific management then came along from Taylor’s studies of time management and productivity in an organization. It had made its first appearance in the USA which

Child Abuse, Alcoholism and Proactive Treatment free essay sample

A discussion on the correlation between alcoholism or drug use, and child abuse. This paper discusses the correlation between alcoholism or drug use, and child abuse. The author highlights the physiological, psychological and emotional harm child abuse causes and raises some ideas for prevention action initiative to tackle the child abuse phenomenon. The author concludes that prevention education, support services and self-help groups are necessary for child abuse prevention. Research indicates that there are some disturbing parallels between the children of alcoholics and drug addicts and victims of maltreatment. According to an article on, 40% of reported child maltreatment cases involve the use of alcohol or other drugs. ?This suggests that of the 1.2 million confirmed victims of child maltreatment, an estimated 480,000 children are mistreated each year by a caretaker with alcohol or other drug problems.? ( Consequences of both substance abuse and child abuse may include physical stress, psychological stress, and disruption if normal behavioral development. We will write a custom essay sample on Child Abuse, Alcoholism and Proactive Treatment or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page For instance, both victims of maltreatment and children of alcoholics/ habitual drug users, feel guilty and responsible for their parents problem. Both groups of children often have self-esteem issues, fear of failure, and suffer from clinical depression and anxiety. In addition, these emotional effects predicate other behaviors in adolescence and adulthood such as criminal behavior, delinquency, and other deviant behavior. Even though there has not been a great deal of evidence to substantiate this hypothesis, it is thought that exposure to violence in both alcohol abusing and child-maltreating households increases the likelihood that the children will commit and be recipients of acts of violence. (National Institute of Justice, Online)

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Ryan Kelly by Ryan Kelly free essay sample

Ryan Kelly is a singer from The Moy, Northern Ireland born in November, 1978. He started singing from a young age because he was influenced by his parents especially his dad to go sing. His first big performance was when he was 7 years old. Ryan can play the guitar, tin whistle, and a little piano. He was an accountant before joining Celtic Thunder in 2007. He also has three pets one cat named Rory and two dogs named Molly and Larry. He is known as the bad guy dark destroyer in Celtic Thunder. He has been in Celtic Thunder ever since their first show The Show. He sings anything from classic Irish songs from the likes of Carrickfergus to more modern songs like Everything I do I do it for you. He came out with two solo albums in the past few years including In Time (2010) and Life (2013.) Both are very successful albums with both receiving excellent reviews and went high on the world music charts. We will write a custom essay sample on Ryan Kelly by Ryan Kelly or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In Time was his debut album just to showcase who he was. Life which was his second album, showed us a more personal side of Ryan and included songs (both covers and original which he did for both albums) to show and talk about his experiences in life during his first album till then. He and also Neil Byrne (who is also a member of Celtic Thunder) joined forces in 2012 to make themselves a duo (now named Byrne and Kelly) which started out as just those two to include other people named Nicole Hudson (violinist in Celtic Thunder) and Peter Sheridan (ex traveling musical director for Celtic Thunder.) In June of 2012 he fell down the stairs in his home and went into a coma for 3 weeks while the group was working on their new show Mythology. Whilst in his coma the musical director David Munro decided to change the arrangements of the song Carrickfergus to make it more somber not know if Ryan would be able to sing it or not. Because David did that Carrickfergus became a more special song for him than it already was. You can Ryans work on his website, and the Celtic Thunder website. You can also listen and buy his two albums on Itunes or CDBaby.

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Recognizing Impressionistic Art essays

Recognizing Impressionistic Art essays In terms of style it is relatively easy to recognize an Impressionist painting. There are certain characteristics that make this form of art stand out, such as the rough brush strokes and colors that often tend to blend into one another. However, in order to identify an Impressionist painting, who has to be aware of the underlying philosophy and intention of this style of art. In essence Impressionism was both a new style in the development of art and a new approach to the interaction between the artist and the subject. The most obvious characteristic that distinguishes an Impressionist painting from other styles and types of art can be derived from the word impression. The term Impressionistic was a description of this style which was intended as a critique by earlier critics. The first characteristic of an Impressionistic work of art is its deviance from the more objective and representational forms of art. The philosophy behind Impressionism was that the artist should capture a fleeing impression of nature; which was translated into art through a more casual and less photographic copy of nature or an object. Therefore an Impressionist painting is an attempt at creating a painting that captures the mood or feeling of a certain subject, rather than an exact copy. This also implies that Impressionistic art is more subjective in its approach and focuses on the interaction between the object being painted and the artists feelings or impressions. The Impressionists also tended to focus on scenes from nature, especially landscapes, and they tended to paint not in the studio but in the open air. In order to achieve these ideals the Impressionists used certain distinguishing techniques and this led to the artistic style that we associate with Impressionism. One of the first aspects that distinguish an Impressionist painting is the loose and short brush strokes. This is indicat...

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The Difference Between Deflagration and Detonation

The Difference Between Deflagration and Detonation Combustion (burning) is a process by which energy is released. Deflagration and detonation are two ways energy may be released. If the combustion process propagates outward at subsonic speeds (slower than the speed of sound), its a deflagration. If the explosion moves outward at supersonic speeds (faster than the speed of sound), its detonation. While the action of deflagration is to push the air in front it, objects do not explode because the rate of combustion is relatively slow. Because the action of detonation is so rapid, however, detonations result in shattering or pulverizing objects in their path. Deflagration The definition of deflagration, according  to the Collins Dictionary is a fire in which a flame travels rapidly, but at subsonic speed, through a gas.  Deflagration  is an explosion in which the speed of burning is lower than the speed of sound in the surroundings. Everyday fire and most controlled explosions are examples of deflagration. The flame propagation velocity is less than 100 meters per second (usually much lower), and the overpressure is less than 0.5 bar. Because it is controllable, deflagration can be harnessed to do work. Examples of deflagrations include: internal combustion engine (used in any vehicle that uses fossil fuels such as gasoline, oil, or diesel fuel)gas stove (fueled with natural gas)fireworks and other pyrotechnicsgunpowder in a firearm Deflagration burns outward radially and requires fuel to spread. Thus, for example, a wildfire starts with a single spark and then expands in a circular pattern if there is fuel available. If there is no fuel, the fire simply burns out. The speed at which deflagration moves depends upon the quality of the available fuel. Detonation The word detonation means to thunder down, or explode. When a decomposition reaction or combination reaction releases a lot of energy in a very short span of time, an explosion may occur.  A detonation is a dramatic, often destructive form of an explosion. It is characterized by a supersonic exothermic front (in excess of 100 m/s up to 2000 m/s) and significant overpressure (up to 20 bars). The front drives a shockwave ahead of it. Although technically a form of oxidation reaction, a detonation doesnt require combination with oxygen. Unstable molecules release considerable energy when they split and recombine into new forms. Examples of chemicals that produce detonations include any high explosives, such as: TNT (trinitrotoluene)nitroglycerinedynamitepicric acidC4 Detonations, of course, can be used in explosive weapons such as nuclear bombs. They are also (in a much more controlled manner) in mining, road construction, and the destruction of buildings or structures.   Deflagration to Detonation Transition In some situations, a subsonic flame may accelerate into a supersonic flame. This deflagration to detonation is difficult to predict but occurs most often when eddy currents or other turbulence are present in the flames. This can happen if the fire is partially confined or obstructed. Such events have occurred in industrial sites where extremely combustible gasses have escaped, and when ordinary deflagration fires encounter explosive materials.

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Sustainable Development (plan paper) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sustainable Development (plan paper) - Essay Example During this period, as many as 12 distinct goals and 88 focus areas will be covered to develop sustainable initiatives. The NSDS has received strategic and monetary assistance from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), which has sought to help in the development of communities ravaged by the Tsunami in 2004 (ADB, 2005). Kenya has also embarked upon a comprehensive sustainable development (SD) plan aimed at protecting the country’s environment and natural resources. The SD plan was developed with the aim of providing relevant education to the masses in a bid to encourage local action. The SD has also gained prominence as Kenya had previously not given importance to tackling the threats affecting the environment and there have been delays on the part of the administration in understanding the link between environment and SD (Adzobu, 2008). The Kenyan SD plan gives primary importance to the protection of the biophysical dimension of the forests while there has been lesse r focus towards improving social and economic factors. The SD plan was developed further into the National Environment Action Plan (NEAP) in 2005, which considered the role of poverty, still a major challenge faced by the country, and the resulting socio-economic pressures on the government’s efforts to protect the nation’s natural resources. The NEAP has noted the importance of capacity building over the coming few years to tackle the various issues posed by technological, economic, social and political deficiencies. The role of education in this scenario has also shifted from a concern towards the physical environment towards popularizing the intricate interplay between human activities and the environment (Wood, 2007). SD is thus being introduced as part of the regular school curriculum and is taught to students belonging to the fifth grade and beyond. The first phase of the NEAP will be implemented up to the year 2010 and will be followed by a thorough performance review prior to the introduction of the subsequent phases (Wood, 2007). The primary similarity between the SD plans of Maldives and Kenya is their extensive focus on protecting the local environment, although several differences and variations exist. The strategy adopted by Maldives is aimed at stimulating local activities such that businesses can develop ecologically sustainable methods, people can reduce their dependence on non-renewable fuels and scarce land can be protected from submersion (Annandale, 2007). The NSDS has also introduced ways to protect the fragile coral reefs around the archipelago as a solution to protect the islands from rising sea levels. On the other hand, the SD plan developed by Kenya is aimed at protecting the country’s natural resources and biodiversity. The plan was developed and promoted by the Kenya Organization for Environmental Education (KOEE) and is thus considered as an internal project (Adzobu, 2008). In contrast, the NSDS of the Maldives has received considerable support from the UNEP through various mediums (ADB, 2005). Additionally, the SD plan is focused towards imparting relevant education within Kenyan schools and is thus a long-term initiative. The impact of the NEAP will thus require some time